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Luxor, Valley of the Kings

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  • Luxor, Valley of the Kings

    Valley of the Kings

    These huge statues (19.5m), are the only part of the ancient mortuary temple built in Thebes by Amenhotep III (18th dyn) that remains today. Several floods have wiped out the other ruins of this temple. Only the soil remains

    These statues where called the Colossi of Memnon in Greek times, when they decided that the colossi represented their hero, Memnon. He was a king of Ethiopia son of the dawn god Eos, who died in hands of Achilles
    After an earthquake in 30 BC, one of the statues produced a musical sound under certain weather conditions. Egyptians thought this sound came from the gods, and Greeks thought it was Memnon's voice. Unfortunately a Roman emperor repaired the damaged statue, and since then the sound has never been heard again

    This area is known as the Valley of the Kings, and it is the place the pharaohs of the 18th, 19th and 20th dynasties chose to build their tombs

    As you can see in the photo, this mountain has a very special shape. Yes, it is like a giant pyramid. Why bother constructing huge pyramids, like the ones in Memphis, when they could be buried in this huge one? This is probably one of the reasons why they chose this place.
    There were also security reasons. This area was easier to protect. Nobody lived here, only people who worked in the tombs. Workers couldn't share their secrets with anyone, because they were not allowed to leave their villages.


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    You can see here one of the tombs. What you see here is not the original entrance. The entrances used to be buried under the rocks. It was almost impossible to find them!
    The construction of one of these tombs used to last six years. Engineers began the project with the coronation of a new king. A strange way to welcome someone, don't you think

    In this valley there are more than 60 tombs. With the entrance ticket you can visit three of them. If you want to visit more than three tombs, you have to buy two tickets. In my opinion this is not necessary, because all tombs look very similar: three corridors, an antechamber and a sunken sarcophagus chamber.

    There is only one exception, the tomb of Tuthankhamun. This one is not much different than the other ones, but its history is more charming. It was discovered in 1922 almost untouched. If you want to see the treasuries found in it, you will have to go to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

    Here we are, inside one of the tombs.
    Isn't it amazing?

    This tomb was built 3500 years ago!
    If you want to take photos in the tombs you have to buy a special ticket at the entrance of the valley. At least this is the official version. Another option, not very legal, is to take the photos without the camera ticket, and give a baksheesh (tip) to the temple guard. Their wages are really low, and they definitely deserve some extra money, but you have to know that part of the [GLOW][/GLOW]tickets' money goes to maintain the tombs. One more thing, remember to turn off the camera's flash. This is very important, because the light of the flashes damages the paintings.


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      inside a tomb,

      Here you can see part of the texts on a corridor of one of the tombs. These texts are from the book of the dead, the book of the gates and the book of the underworld

      Egyptians believed that Amon (the god of gods) crossed the Valley of the Kings every night on a boat. The pharaohs had to know the sacred texts by heart, in order to get on these boat. Amon then brought them to Osiris, the god of the death, who judged them. If they passed the trial, they were brought on a second boat to the East, where they lived in happiness for ever after


      Usually after you visit the Valley of the Kings, your guide will take you to the Valley of the Queens. The bus will take you to the parking lot, where you can take a special bus that will take you to the entrance

      .There are between 75 and 80 tombs in this valley, known also as Biban al-Harim. The tombs belong to queens of the 18th, 19th and 20th dynasties. The most interesting of them is the tomb of Nefertari (tomb 66). Nefertari was the most beautiful wife of Ramses II. And her tomb is not only the most beautiful tomb in the Valley of the Queens, but of all Egypt. Its visit is also the most expensive, of course. If you want to visit it, you better come here early, because only 150 tickets are sold everyday to visit this very special tomb. Unfortunately I didn't visit it, so I cannot give you my personal opinion, but I am sure it is well worth its price.